All Natural Break-A-Whey frozen yogurt was created to give schools, colleges, hospitals, adult care facilities, gyms, amateur and professional sports team, and the public an alternative to high fat, high sugar, high calorie soft serve or ready to enjoy product that are void of nutrition and are sweetened artificially.

Amateur & Professional Sports

With athletes of all ages always trying to be at the top of their game, nutrition is paramount to their success. These people, although gifted, are people who have the same cravings as the non-athletes. All Natural Pro-Blend Break-A-Whey offers what they want in taste and what they need in protein.  Break-A-Whey is excellent in the collegiate or pro setting. It will give athletes the treat they want without the guilt of high sugar or calories of other products.


Most people who exercise have a balance between their nutrition and their exercise.  They frequently search for ways to satisfy a craving while not destroying their diet goals.  All Natural Break-A-Whey offers these individuals the best of both worlds!  Our low calorie, sugar and salt combined with our protein makes the perfect post work-out guilt free treat, or just an anytime treat for the health conscious individual.

Hospitals & Adult Care

With hospital cafes, nutrition for their visitors and staff members is a concern. All Natural Break-A-Whey offers a unique blend. All natural Break-A-Whey is a premium product what will have a higher value to the customer because of the health benefits, and offer higher profits to the food service provider.

In adult care facilities, maintaining muscle mass in patients is always a concern and protein in the diets of the residents is always a priority for dietitians.  Break-A-Whey offers a convenient and in some cases a social atmosphere for patients to enjoy the product and possibly remember days of their youth, when they would enjoy soft serve products guilt free, all the while giving them the valuable protein they need to stay healthy.